If you are done with all lessons and projects but there's still extra time, here are some ideas for you to add features to your car:

1. headlights, turn signals, reverse lights.

2. Have your car play a tune upon starting.

3. Lesson 11 (LCD1602) was optional, but can you add that LCD to the car for it to display distances?

4. Right now you have a 2 wheel drive car, would you be interested in creating a 4 wheel drive car? (similar concept, additional parts needed)

5. So far our car only does avoidance. If you were to put the car in a maze, chances are it might not be smart enough to find its way out of a maze yet. (it might get stuck in the same loop over and over) Can you do some research and see what else we need to add for it to become "smarter"?

6. What creative ideas do you have? Talk to me about it and we'll see if it's doable. Dream big!