Welcome to Mr. Han's Computer Science webpage. (Syllabus Here)

Throughout this semester, we will get to experience the realm of computer science, by getting into the realms of Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. We will apply our coding skills to some hands-on related lessons & projects. The goal of this course is for students to problem solve, skills-based learning, and to introduce students to a popular concept for the 21st century, artificial intelligence.

By the end of the semester, students will be expected to program a fully self-driven car, being able to avoid obstacles, and/or intelligently find a way out of a complicated maze. Besides the required parts necessary, students will also be able to customize their own self-driven cars, such as adding LED Lights, buzzers for sound output, and many other features students would like to.

All materials will be provided by the school. There will be soldering, drilling and other jobs that require tools. 

There will be a series of 28 lessons (accompanied by challenges) and 7 self-driven car projects in order to finish this course with a completion grade. If time permits, students will also participate in class competitions throughout the semester.

My Computer Science curriculum is designed to be a semester class (Not the entire year), however, from time to time, there are students who show huge interest in wanting to stay for the whole year to explore advanced topics and programming during the second semester. In these cases, students are encouraged to communicate with me beforehand to discuss their learning plans for the second semester.

You will need to install the Arduino IDE application, along with it's drivers and libraries to be in this class.
Please follow below instruction to set up your computer for Arduino use.

1. Arduino IDE (Download & Install)

You will need to install the Arduino IDE application in order to upload your written codes onto the arduino board. 

Current 2.1.1 as of August 2023

Download Link here (Make sure you select the right OS: Windows, Mac, etc.)

2. Arduino Drivers (Download & Install, then Restart device)

Windows, download and install here

MAC, download and install here

Linux, download and install here

3. Arduino Libraries(Download & Add into your Arduino IDE)

We will need to add several libraries for some of our codes to work. At least two (the IR Remote, and Dht11 temp-humidity sensor)
Download the libraries here, then, follow the instructions here to import these libraries into your Arduino IDE