Topics to Learn

The following documents have been prepared for you to use as a reference while you are going through your College Algebra learning journey.

Each topic has a completed example showing you step-by-step how they are solved.

They are separated by pie sections, ordered in alphabetical order with page numbers.

Interactive online PDF version

For the following document, it has all 383 topics in one interactive PDF file (contains hyperlinks, bookmarks, page transitions and buttons).

Find the topic you are looking for from 'Table of Contents', click on that topic and you will go to the respective topic page automatically.

Some interactive buttons only work offline (not directly from Google's integrated PDF viewer). You should download this file (for example, to your desktop) offline, and view this file using Mac's "Preview" app, or Adobe Reader (both Mac and PC).

The following individual documents are separated by sections.

The following files are not interactive, so it's a lot easier to use a printed version.
A printed version will be assigned to each student at the beginning of the school year.

Tips for Completing the Course Successfully

• Carefully review the navigation and orientation videos to ensure you understand how the course is designed for your success.

• As you begin your work in the ALEKS learning and practice software, be sure to allow 60 minutes or more to do the Initial Knowledge Check. This is your only opportunity to demonstrate what already you know about Algebra as you begin the course. Doing your best on this test ensures that ALEKS can place you at the right level as you begin your work.

• Always have paper and pencil available to take notes and work out problems.

• Use a scientific calculator or a graphing calculator if you wish. Be sure to use only the approved types of calculators as shown on the provided list. You do not need to buy a personal graphing calculator since a graphing calculator will be provided online by ALEKS when one is required as you work through the lessons in the course. Another option is to use an online calculator.

• Calculators with QWERTY keyboards or those that do symbolic algebra, such as the Casio FX2, Casio 9970Gs, TI-89, TI-92, or TI-nspire CAS should not be used in this course and cannot be used during the exam. Cellular phone calculators should not be used in class and are not permitted during an exam.

• Use the ALEKS learning and practice software in the course to help learn and retain the concepts of College Algebra at a pace that suits your needs.

• If you have a question, post it using the “Message Your Coach” link in the ALEKS learning and practice software. Your coach will respond in the Coaching Center with advice and support.

• Complete each of the objectives to at least 90% mastery