Prepare for Final Exam

A practice final exam will be made available as soon as you have completed all assigned topics in ALEKS to 90% proficiency.

There are a total of 3 practice exams. Even though you are only required to attempt 1 before the Final Exam opens, you are recommended to attempt all 3 practice exams to get more practice and to familiarize yourself with the answer inputting system for the actual Final Exam.

See the below screenshot to find Practice Exams under your ASU Earned Admissions account.
Red: Required
Blue: Optional

Use the below documents to get a better idea of what the final exam looks like.

Taking the Final Exam

• You must be ID Verified prior to taking the final exam.

• You may upgrade to ID Verified status at any time during the course.

• After you are ID Verified and achieve 90% proficiency in each of the objectives in the course, you will be invited to take a practice proctored exam in preparation for the final exam. Taking more than one practice exam will better prepare you for the final exam.

• To take the final exam, you will need a web cam and microphone that are compatible with your computer and the proctoring software. You will also need reliable and robust Internet access. You must take the practice proctored exam before taking the final exam to ensure that your system will work.

• You may use pencils, paper, and your scientific or graphing calculator during the proctored practice exam and the proctored final exam.

• No notes, no cell phones, no consulting other websites except those white-listed, and no help from others will be allowed as you take the proctored practice exam and the proctored final exam.

• As an ID Verified student, once you pass the final exam with an A, B, or C grade, and ASU has confirmed that your proctoring process was successful (that you did not violate academic integrity policies), you will have the opportunity to purchase academic credit from Arizona State University.