Final Exam

Proctored Final Exam Requirements

  1. ASU and Mr Han both strongly recommend that you take, and successfully pass, the practice proctored exam before taking a graded, proctored exam to ensure that you fully understand and meet the proctoring requirements.

  2. Please read the proctored exam rules and requirements and thoroughly read the information below:

    • You must show the space where you take your exam to the proctoring service via your web camera, both before you begin and after you complete it.

    • Your entire face must be visible at all times throughout the duration of the exam and submission of your exam.

    • Once you begin the exam it will be open for 3 hours.

    • You will have only 1 attempt per question; please choose the most accurate and complete answer.

Note: Taking the practice proctored exam does not guarantee that you will pass proctoring. You will still have to meet the credit eligibility requirements and not violate any of the proctoring rules.


  • You must be on the credit eligible track prior to taking the Final Exam.

  • After you are on the credit eligible track and achieve 90% proficiency in each of the objectives in the course, you will have the opportunity to take three practice exams before taking the Final Exam. Taking more than one practice exam will better prepare you for the final exam.

  • To take the final exam, you will need a web cam and microphone that are compatible with your computer and the proctoring software. You will also need reliable and robust Internet access. We invite you to take the practice proctored exam before taking the final exam to ensure that your system will work.

  • You may use pencils, paper, and your scientific or graphing calculator during the proctored practice exam and the proctored final exam. Calculators allowed except for those with QWERTY keyboards or those that do symbolic algebra, such as the Casio FX2, Casio 9970Gs, TI-89, TI-92.

  • No notes, no cell phones, no consulting other websites except those white-listed, and no help from others will be allowed as you take the proctored practice exam and the proctored final exam.

  • If you do not have a scientific or graphing calculator for the Final Exam, you may use these online calculators:

  • As a credit eligible student, once you pass the final exam with an A, B, or C grade, and we have confirmed that your proctoring process was successful (that you did not violate academic integrity policies), you will have the opportunity to purchase academic credit from Arizona State University.

3. Reminders:

    • Ensure a clean workspace; remove things from the walls that could look like notes prior to the exam.

    • Do not access course content, websites, or use notes.

    • Do not make or accept phone calls.

    • Ensure a quiet workspace; turn off your TV, radio, or music, and make sure no one enters the room.

4. When you have finished submitting your exam, please be sure to close the proctoring window to automatically send your exam for review.

Please note that exams that fail the proctoring review will result in an assignment grade of 0. A student earning an overall grade of a C or higher who fails proctoring is not eligible for credit.

Proctoring Review and Exam Status

Software Secure will review your video files upon receiving them. While your proctoring is being reviewed, a status of “Verification Submitted” will display on your progress page.

If an issue arises with your proctoring review, Software Secure and ASU Earned Admission will contact you via the email address associated with your account. After the exam closes, please continue to check your inbox regularly (including your spam folder) for messages that require your immediate attention.

Below is an example of what you can expect to see on your progress page upon successful completion of the exam and proctoring process. You will notice all requirements for credit are checked as “Completed.” Provided you have met all requirements for this course, you can purchase credit for up to one year after you become credit eligible.